Details of the Program

The detailed schedule of the 3 days at KTH, Stockholm



About the lecturers:

  • Rodrigo Moreno's research is concerned with a variety of inverse problems related to image processing, focusing on mathematical modeling, perceptual methods, efficiency and practical applications in the fields of medical image analysis and computer vision. Technological advances in medical imaging have largely improved the diagnosis of illnesses. However, these advances also impose a burden to physicians, since the amount of information acquired through medical imaging is usually huge. In this line, medical image analysis techniques aim at helping physicians in the analysis of these data. The potential high impact in the public health systems has fostered the research in this area in the last years. On the other hand, one of the aims of computer vision is to extract information from images. Since both areas deal with image analysis, it is not surprising that many tools that have been proven effective in computer vision, have also been adapted to images acquired through medical imaging modalities and vice versa. His long-term research objective is to investigate on the application of perception theories to image processing through the encoding of such theories into mathematical founded computational tools in an efficient way.
  • Chunliang Wang is a researcher at School of Technology and Health (STH), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He received his medical training in Tianjin Medical University, China, during 1998-2005, and got his PhD degree in medical science from Linköping University, Sweden in 2011. He also worked as a software engineer at Sectra AB, Linköping, Sweden during 2011-2015. His current research interests are medical image analysis, image segmentation, machine learning (especially deep learning) and statistical shape modeling.
  • Dmitry Grishenkov is Associate Professor working at Dept. of Medical Engineering, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology. His Research Group is working with Contrast Enhanced Medical Imaging and Therapy. In particular, experimental and theoretical work concerns characterization of structural and physical properties of multimodal contrast agents, investigation of the nature and mechanism of sonoporation and cavitation, understanding of the dynamics of multiphase medium in biomedical applications. Moreover, resent work has been dedicated to high frequency ultrasound imaging and photoacoustic imaging in vivo using small and medium laboratory animals, developing new and improving existing methods for visualization and quantification of multimodal contrast agents. In collaboration with Karolinska Institute development of novel contrast agent of combined functionality for tissue specific diagnostics and also localized drug delivery is carried out. In collaboration with KTH, Department of Applied Physics the first of its kind study on behaiviour of microbubble contrast agent in microfluidic system is performed. This opens up new horizons of the microbubbles application as a novel unique device for lab-on chip experiments.