Dr. Rodrigo Moreno - Senior researcher at KTH

The common thread of my research is to devise new mathematical founded computational tools for analyzing medical images acquired through different imaging modalities. Those tools can also be used for improving the acquisition of images. Efficiency is of utmost importance, provided that the ultimate goal of these tools is to support physicians in clinical practice. I am very interested in bringing these new developments from basic research to final products that can be used in clinics, for which collaborations with the industry is a must. In particular, I am interested in using artificial intelligence to solve image analysis problems, the modeling of perception theories into computational methods, the use of tensor-based image processing, and the optimization of image acquisition in advanced MRI imaging.


Dr. Chuliang wang - senior researcher at kth

Chunliang Wang, is a researcher at School of Technology and Health (STH), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He received his medical training in Tianjin Medical University, China, during 1998-2005, and got his PhD degree in medical science from Linköping University, Sweden in 2011. He also worked as a software engineer at Sectra AB, Linköping, Sweden during 2011-2015. His current research interests are medical image analysis, image segmentation, machine learning (especially deep learning) and statistical shape modeling.


Dr. katalin hideghéty - radiation oncoligist at Szeged University

Katalin Hideghéty is currently researching and practicing medicine at the University of Szeged, at the Department of Oncotherapy. As a professional, she has a strong point of view about the different clinical challenges in radiation oncology. She's not only practicing, but also teaching the medicine at the University of Szeged. Her main focus is the oncological data analyzing, and how can specialists support the evaluation of the images and use the information from all of the multimodal imaging. 


Icó Tóth - Chief Executive at Mallow Flower Foundation

After her cervical cancer surgery in 2011, she decided to start a well-known movement in Hungary.
Right from the beginning two main visions were inspiring her:
1) every single woman is aware of the opportunities of cervical cancer prevention (smear and vaccination)
2) launch and enable a rehabilitation program for each woman after cervical cancer to improve her physically and psychologically


Dr. Abdullahi Sheriff - Senior Client Leader UK & Ireland (& Partner)at ge healthcare partners

As a leader in GE Healthcare, I build long term partnerships with Health & Care institutions, including the 3rd sector, deploying all that we do across GE Healthcare (equipment, anlaytics, transformation, capital, AI and more) to address major clinical challenges (Stroke, Cancer, Community based care, Urgent Care etc.), pioneer innovative solutions, reinvent healthcare and improve the well being of the population. I've worked with a range of clients in the UK, Middle East, US and Africa to launch ventures, transform organisations, deliver improvement programmes, turnaround challenging programmes & deliver complex transformation.


Kurt Barndt - Principal, Product Development Security at ge healthcare

Kurt Barndt is a Principal Product Security Leader based in Budapest for the Cybersecurity team at GE Healthcare Digital.  Kurt has over 25+ years software industry experience with a focus on software tools startups and designing distributed systems.  He has industry experience as a product engineer, architect, program manager, consultant and product security lead.  Kurt currently works with GE agile development teams to build secure by design applications in the Cloud space for Healthcare providers. 



Azim celik - Research Manager Eastern Europe and Turkey at ge healthcare

Azim joined GE Healthcare on October 2000 as MRI pulse sequence development engineer in Milwaukee, USA. In 2003, he moved back to Turkey to take a role as Assistant Professor at Dumlupinar University, School of Engineering. He rejoined GE Healthcare on 2005 and have taken the responsibilities as MR advanced application specialist, MR Clinical Leader and MR Clinical Scientist in EAGM region. He has taken up the responsibilities as Regional Research Manager for Eastern Europe & Turkey since October 2017 and driving research collaboration in GE Healthcare in Eastern Europe. Azim received his Associate Professorship title from Turkey on August 2018. He has a broad clinical and scientific experience and has a solid background in clinical, technical MR imaging and research collaboration.


Inês Matias - Business Creation Project Manager na EIT Health InnoStars

A trained scientist turned into science and innovation manager who is always looking for new challenges.My academic and research background provided me with a scientific and analytical mindset. I thrive in research projects, where I have a very specific question/goal and where the final result has a clear impact in other people’s life. I love to create things from scratch, and I definitely thrive in high pace projects, with results in a short term.
I recently became a mentor to Apps for Good community and I have been supporting young people (from 13 to 18 y.o) to develop their apps ideas.


Endre Jóföldi - General Manager at Precognox

Endre is the GM of Precognox. Precognox is a high-end consulting firm, specialized in “automation of knowledge work”, who have comprehensive experience in semantic search, intelligent text and data mining & analytics to support major businesses and research organizations with large amounts of unstructured data to solve complex projects.


Mehdi Astaraki

Mehdi Astaraki is a doctoral student at a joint program between the department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems in KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the department of Oncology-Pathology in Karolinska Institute, Sweden. His background studies (both B.Sc. and M.Sc.) were in Biomedical Engineering and since the beginning of his master program, he has been interested in the field of medical image analysis. Currently, he has focused on image segmentation with rule-based and deep learning methods, as well as developing imaging biomarkers for cancer therapy assessment.